HP Docking Stations And Locks

HP Docking Stations And Locks

HP Docking Station transforms your USB-C laptop into a full-fledged workstation. You can add more ports without sacrificing power thanks to the 100W pass-through charging support. This docking station supports high-definition displays at up to 4K resolution via HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA video ports, and it offers up to 5 Gbps of bandwidth between your connected devices and your laptop. With its Gigabit Ethernet port, your internet connection will be stable and protected at all times.


HP Docking Station Accessories will improve your safety, efficiency, and network connections. From the moment you log in, your network and devices are protected; it’s compatible with multiple operating systems and can support as many as four 4K displays. This dock is convenient for managing devices at home or in the office, making it a good choice for IT department managers and hybrid workers. You will also like this product HP 67 Ink Cartridge.

Heightened Compatibility. Simple Linking.

HP Docking Station Adapter that is compatible with the vast majority of laptops and operating systems, you can concentrate on getting things done instead of worrying about technicalities. Docking Station has only one USB-C® cable that will work to connect your device to all of your peripherals, and it has been through rigorous testing and certifications to ensure compatibility with Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS.

Gaining Capability for Productivity

HP Docking Station Cable that supports up to four 4K displays via lightning-fast Thunderbolt TM 4 technology and has double the ethernet speed for quicker downloads, you can multitask, create, and collaborate with greater speed and efficiency than ever before. Up to 100W of power can be drawn from this dock, which is more than enough to recharge the battery of the average laptop. This is another HP product Elitebook 840 HP. 

Management of Electronic Devices Simplified:

HP Docking Station Driver wire-based support for Intel® vProTM enables authorized administrators to remotely access and manage vProTM-enabled notebooks, streamlining the process of keeping your mixed fleet up-to-date and secure. IT administrators can schedule dock firmware updates at any time, even after a user has disconnected, using a single-click installer.


In HP Docking Station For Laptop on the front, you’ll find a single USB-C® port for both data and power output (15W), as well as a single USB-C® cable for linking to a host device. Two USB 3.0 charging ports and a headphone/mic jack on the side. Two USB 3.0 power ports, two Display Port TM outputs, one RJ45 jack, one HDMI 2.0 port, and one standard security slot can be found on the back.

HP Docking Stations And Locks


  • Use of a single cable for multiple purposes
  • You can do all that and more by linking your laptop to your other devices with just one USB-CTM cable so you can use them, charge them, and even hook up to a wired network.
  • Make your screen bigger. Enhance your potential.
    Extend your laptop’s screen to two 4K monitors and get more done at once.
  • Beautifully crafted to minimize usage
  • This docking station is slim and stylish, so you can put it wherever you like on your desk.
  • Guaranteed Compatibility
  • The compatibility of this docking station with laptops that adhere to the ThunderboltTM and USB-CTM standards has been verified through testing.
  • Unrestricted Compatibility
  • Get rid of the mess
  • Use a simple, one-cord setup that allows you to plug in multiple devices to avoid a cluttered desk.
  • Fleet management for your commercial HP vehicles is simple.
  • PXE Boot, LAN/WLAN switching, and WoL and MAC Address Pass-Through in all power states are just a few examples of the advanced network manageability features that can help IT keep your deployed HP commercial notebooks and dock safe and easily managed from afar.
  • Slim footprint
  • Remove the bulky dock from your workspace and replace it with something as small as a 5×5 inch dock.
  • Reproduces the Ethernet and media playback ports that modern Apple and PC notebooks lack.
  • Equipped with high-definition video outputs (including 4K) via HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA.
  • Can be used as a laptop stand and desk cable organizer thanks to its convenient connection in the back.
  • To avoid having to make that kind of trade-off, devices with pass-through charging of up to 100W can have as many ports as they need without sacrificing power.
  • Details of the Item:
  • Color Black

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  • System software that works together
  • OS X, Mac OS X, Chrome OS, and Windows 7 and 10
  • System Requirements Barebones Minimum
  • Available Connector for the USB-C® Standard
  • The item’s measurements are 4.8 inches wide, 4.8 inches deep, and 1.77 inches high.
  • Weight 0.74gm

About This item:

  • Connectivity Options Include VGA, DisplayPort 1.2, and 4 USB 3.0 Ports
  • Jacks for audio input and output, as well as a LAN/Ethernet connection
  • Connector for Locking Cables in Docking Station (lock not included)
  • Check the list of supported HP models below for details.


HP Docking Station transforms your USB-C laptop into a full-fledged workstation. The USB-C port on this all-in-one fix allows you to attach displays, SD cards, thumb drives, and more, restoring functionality that has been lost on modern laptops. You can add more ports without sacrificing power thanks to the 100W pass-through charging support.

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